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    About UNICEF

    UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation working to protect and improve the lives of every child in over 190 countries.


    Become a UNICEF Global Parent

    By starting a monthly donation, you will become a Global Parent and help shape a better future for a child. You will:

    • Provide steady, ongoing support for a child at the most critical time of their growth and development.
    • Give our teams the reliable funds they need to deliver life-saving nutrition, water and emergency supplies for children in living in crisis.
    • Make a long-lasting impact for children and support UNICEF's vital work in 190 countries.
    UNICEF Australia works to protect the rights and wellbeing of every child. Your support is critical to ensuring every child has the opportunity to survive and thrive.
    Recent Donations
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    Give a gift that will change lives.

    Choose a gift from our Inspired Gifts range, personalise a card to be sent to your loved one, and we'll deliver your gift to where children need it most.